Rock Pile

rock_pileI went into the training race as fresh as I could tonight.  My legs have had a tough week.  Jason showed up early at my house We left  for a few miles before meeting up with Team Mack.

Jason reminded me that it was a big race weekend, and we weren’t sure how many would show up.

It turned out to be a small crowed of a dozen or so.

The pack held together most of the way out.  Justin, wasn’t racing this weekend and had some matches to burn.  His attacks would eventually break things up at the t-bone.  I did not want to let another gap happen so I pulled hard up the hill before the keyhole.  Before I knew it we turned into a group of four.

I am not sure what happened in the back…

We kept the presure on.  At one point I couldn’t even see anyone behind us.  I ask the guys if they were even chasing.  They had Robo, Lawyer, Jason, Gary…  I guess they wanted to take it easy and not distroy their legs for the weekend.

There was a group back there and they were gaining.  Justin, Jeff, Ben and I kepted a steady rotation, heads down.

We hit the rock pile and I was praying for them to catch us.  We had a good 5 mile stretch East before we turned again.  This was painful, but halfway down the road we came upon Andy Lister.  We thought we had found the golden ticket.  It turned out, Andy was racing, and had no intentions of pulling.  DAMN!

The rotation sucked so much at this point, I couldn’t event turn my head for a second to see were the chase was.  We came up to our turn, and wouldn’t you know it, two cars to the left.  We came to a hult!  The chase had caught us.  Robo had done good.

5 mile left, Justin’s attackes were not done yet.  He went again and got a gap.  Lawyer took off too.  I stayed on Robo’s wheel  hoping for a tow. But he didn’t want any part of it.  Jeff and I started the chase.  But after the first hill, Jeff had enough.  I continued but lost contact on the second hill.

I road in just back from the three leaders.

The ride was much tougher that I thought it would be for an easy night.  Thanks Justin!