Returning to the scene of an accident

I will tell you my motivation has been pretty low lately.  It happens every year around this time.  The summers races are over and fall is just around the corner.  What I needed was a pick me up and registering for Longhorn Ironman 70.3 Austin was just what the doctor ordered.  The race will be my longest yet and just 60+ days out.


Last weekends RailSplitter Tri really put thing into perspective.  With the longer distances my bike speed needs to come down and I need to do more bricks, including, swim to bike and bike to run.  Dungan told me “my mind was writing checks my legs couldn’t cash”.  I also needed to train more on my TT bike.

Nutrition is another big obstacle that I need to fine tune.  The longer distance races are going to require more fuel.

Enough said!

This weekend I took some of Dungan’s advice and planned for a brick on Saturday, and a long run on Sunday.  Saturday, I was on my own.  With north wind, I decided to return to the scene of the accident. (last weekends tri)  I would head to Petersburg.  This was my first “real ride” on my TT bike.  The greatest distance  I have ever gone on it was 36 miles and that was last weekends race.

A goal for this ride was not only to use my TT bike, but to stay in the aero position. I took two endurolytes and I headed out into the head/cross wind averaging 18mph.  I wanted to take it easy, knowing I had to run for 30+ minutes when I got back.

The roads are pretty crappy out there right now, very rough and cut up.  I made it to the Burg and stopped and fueled up and some more Endurolytes with a bottle of Gatorade from the gas station.

The hills were not that much fun.  I have a 11-23 cassette, and I just didn’t feel like I had enough gears to take it easy.  I think I need a 25.  The way back was much more enjoyable with the tail wind.  I was able to keep my average much higher, around 25, but I didn’t over exert myself.

50 miles later, I pulled into the garage and slipped into my running shoes.  The run started out surprisingly good.  My legs felt good and took me all the way to Veterans Parkway.  The only thing that seem to bother me was my shoulders, from being in the aero position.  A 4.5 mile run was all I needed to boost my confidence.  I got home and slipped into my Zoot compression socks, and tried to recover.

Sunday, Jason and I headed out to HardyBreed Hill with the kids.  We had a giant box of chalk to cover the road.  We took a ton of photos of Abe’s Amble.  A little trouble with the lighting on the hill made for some bad photos.  I suppose the photographers could have something to do with it too.

After Abe’s the kids had a pool party to go to.  I had a couple of hours to myself.  I laced up my shoes again and headed to Washington Park.  A 10 miler at an easy pace.  I was even able to heat it up to a 7 minute mile for the last mile.  Awesome run!

But that is were the awesomeness ended.  I was wasted the rest of the evening.