Two days off after the Monster and I was still having trouble walking.  So what better remedy then a Tuesday Night Training Race?

The group met up at Bike Tek and left at 6 sharp.  It was a good crowd of 16+.  Even Jeff NIL8 Williams, the 40+ ABR National Road Race Champion graced us with his presence.

Being short on daylight the ride would be cut short, turning around at the bridge before the t-bone.  This meant only one thing… The ride was going to be fast as hell.

Within seconds of hitting Old Salem, we were doing 34mph.  Ouch!  I guess there was no time to ease into it.  We were strung out and rotating rather well.  The first sprint sign was in the distance and the attacks started coming.  It is hard to attack when you are going over 30.  But someone took the sign, I am not sure who though.  My head was down, and I was more worried about the regroup.  That is when you know if you have enough strength left for the rest of the night.

The second sprint was being cut short at the bridge, and I glad it was, because I don’t think I could keep this pace up all night. Gary took off but lit his match too soon,  I held Jeff’s wheel, but he didn’t have it either.  Someone came around and took it.  (It wasn’t me…)

On the way back in Robo and Dungan were off the front.  They didn’t hold a chance with a blistering average pace of 27mph.  We sucked them back up and somehow I ended up at the front Chad and a few other going for the sprint.  Once again I didn’t have it, and I couldn’t tell you who got it.

There was no regroup after that sprint, and it was tough as Andy came blazing by with a string of riders attached.  I grabbed on for dear life, praying for recovery.  By the middle of Farmingdale Road, we were cruising again, but no one had the guts to go off the front.  The speed was too high.  Up and down the last few hill of Old Salem the pack stayed together.

I stayed at the back and road in with the sprint.  Who knows who won?

I made it back home.  7:00.  The ride only lasted 1 hour.  That was one of the hardest hours I have endured in a long time.