Reality Check

I was finally able to get outside with the bike for the Tuesday training race. It was still a little cool out, in the mid 50’s and windy as hell. I met up with Jason and did our normal warm-up loop and then headed to Biketek. The group leaves at 6:00 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was very excited about getting out on the bike and meeting up with the group. There was at least 30 at the start of the ride. It was sprint night, so I thought that might actually make it easier to stay in the pack. I was wrong. 5 miles into the race. I found myself with a tail wind, going 36mph and a cadence of 120 rpms. I was spinning out my 12 and stuck with the group for the first sprint sign.

There was a re-group and we started heading west. So now instead of a tail wind we had a gutterball wind from the south. The echelon was about 5 deep and everyone else was in the gutter. It was a hell of a cross wind and before I knew it we were down to about 7 guys in the lead pack. That is when I started falling back. One by one and then no man’s land. I made it to the “T-bone” and turned around. I had enough.

As I headed back I caught up with Jason, who was having a “nausiating night.” On the way in, people were still heading out. I could only wish them the best of luck. We had a good 10 miles back into town with a cross headwind. It was the reality check for the first training race of the season.

Just a couple more week of “sucking it up” and I should hopefully be able to stay with the pack.

Well, I couldn’t get through this post with out a excuse…

I really think I would have done better if I was on my road bike. (I was on my time trial bike)