Radio Tower Sustained

radiotowerToday was my first ride of the week after the TT got rained out on Wednesday.  I was looking forward to getting out on the bike.  But first, I did a lunch time swim at Fit Club South.  I did a 500 warm up then 100o staight.  After work I met up with Jason for a few short miles before meeting up with the group at Bike Tek.

Gary informed us that we would be going past the radio tower in the key hole.  Whoa, slow down there….  This is the first training race that I actually have time to start and finish.  This worried me…

The ride started out fast as usual.  The pace hovered at 28mph the entire ride out.  At one point I looked down and noticed I was doing 30.   I thought to myself that this was the easy 30.  Am I nuts?  Was there a tail wind?  It might have been subtle but I think we had a small push.

We made it to the key hole and went past our usual turn.  Then the radio tower.  I have never been on this route.  My legs held up and the pace slowed on the back side.

On the return, there was a little scuffle with the pace line going from left to right.  It felt like a North East wind.  In all the hub-bub, wheels were close to crossing (but did not rub.)  The sustained pace was taking its toll.

Accidents usually happen when you get tired or fatigued.

The return was not as fast as the way out, but fast enough.  The group stayed together screaming up the final two hills.  I was in the back 2/3 of the pack and missed the jump for the finish.  I sprinted but missed Gary’s leadout.

It was a great ride!