Race Day Mojito

Andy takes the lead...The Capital City Biathlon started out in waves with a 5k.  Teams, men, then women.   The race was chip timed this year.  The men started the race 3:00 after the teams.  I started at the front of the pack, I did not want to get caught behind a bunch of people.  The group spread out rather quickly.

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I hit the first mile marker and hit the lap on my watch.  6:10, kind of quick.  The next mile was a 6:20.  I grabbed a water on the way back in.  The last mile was when the race started.  My nemesis (Andy P.) passed me.  After that I had to stay on his heals no mater what.  I entered T1 with a average pace of 6:24, beating my 6:40 pace of last year.

The transition was one of my best and 2nd overall at the race.  It was something like 30 seconds.  I think listening to Eric Sommer – The Transition Area was a big help in my success.  I had my shoes already clipped in. All I had to do was put my sunglasses on and helmet and run out.

The bike started out fast with a tail/cross wind.  I set mini goals for each rider I say up the way.  Just a few mile into Andy passed me.  Once again, I was not going to let him go.  We went back and forth several times.  The turn around sucked… a head wind.  I knew it wouldn’t last forever.  

About a mile after the turn around, Dan D. passed me with some blazing speed.  I held on as long as I could, but let him go.  My race was with Andy…

On the turn to the finish I was behind Andy.  And to my surprise Bob S. came whipping around the corner.  This was my chance to go.  I dropped the gears and tried to get as much space between us as possible.

I finished ahead of Andy by just a few seconds.  But what I didn’t realize was that he started behind me in the run.  So he didn’t cross the timing mat until a few seconds after me.  That means event though I finished in front of him, he may have been ahead of me.

IMG_8761Andy did a great job pushing me, and I hope I did the same for him.  He was great competition.

The results were posted, and I edged out Andy by 1 second, yes I said 1 second…

Andy had posted a better run time and a better bike time.  What gave me the win was my 30 second T1

I finished 5th overall with a time of 1:00:10.  That also gave me the 35-39 age group win.  I think I am more thrilled about the 5th place then I was with the age group win.

I am sure this is not the end of Andy.  He has beaten me at the Stoneman Sprint Tri the last few years and this year will be another challenge.  Thanks for a great race Andy!

I ended the night with a silent celebration, grilling out steaks and downing 3 Bacardi Mojitos (not the best recovery drink, but they taste so good when they hit your lips!)

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