Preparing for the first

The Pioneer Sprint is this weekend and being prepared for the first triathlon doesn’t come easy.  I have been training pretty regularly until last week when I went on vacation.  I wouldn’t say my running or riding slipped, because I kept up with my running workouts and actually rode more than average.  However my swimming was null.

Swimming seems to the only of the three disciplines that you cannot afford to have down time.  Thing just seem to fall apart.  I guess if you were a high school or collegiate swimmer, things might be different.

My first Monday back went and hit the pool at fit club south.  Did a 500 warm up then 10 x 50, and a 300 yard time trial.  My time trial was better than expected for having time off.  5:10 was all I could muster.  That really was not what I wanted to see, but there was nothing I could do.  The most important part was just getting to the pool.

After work Eric suggested we head out on our TT bikes and do intervals.  We headed west on the training race course.  The plan was 4 x 4:00 with equal 4:00 recovery between reps.  Four minutes is a long time when going at 90%.  These really helped me get a new feel for the bike and the adjustments that I have made over the winter. This was a tough but short workout.

So not over doing this week would be the key, but I am not sure the Pioneer is even a “B” more like a “C”.  Training may go as usual up to the race.  Next week at Sullivan, I may put forth more of an effort to be recovered.  Then the Illinois Half.