Premium Paced Training Race

clockToday started of with the noon track workout.  We did a ladder of 200, 400, 600, 800 and then back down.  This was the toughest workout to date.  I still don’t have any real urge to push myself yet.  The 200 started off kind of fun, you know, the sun was out and the smell of the rubber track was in the air.   But then a slow trickle of pain, lap after lap.

My times hovered just under a 6:00 pace.  I really had trouble focusing when I was the last one around on every lap.  It was a good workout though.

Later that night I met up with Jason and John before the training race.  Sprint night, thank God.  I was hoping people would wait up for me.

My legs felt heavy as usual, but that always seems to go away after good warm up.  The first sprint went down, I stayed in the group.  Second sprint went down, I stayed in the group.  Then the keyhole.

It started off alright, but by the time we got to the backside all hell broke loose.  We were strung out doing 34-35mph.  This pace didn’t let up.  I was hanging two bikes off of Eric’s wheel praying for mercy.  I have no clue who was at the front, my eyes could get above the six o’clock position.  We got to the corner and had to slow for gravel.  The pace immediately picked back up.  I held on as long as I could, and had to let go.  I wasn’t too far off of the group, as they waited for the next sprint/interval to start.

Once again, they were screaming home.  I gave it everything, but fell off before the last sprint.  There is no regroup here.  But there was a red jersey.  It was John, he had taken the sprint, and was not able to get back on.  We road in together at a decent sub, sub, sub, sub 30mph pace.

John and I both agreed, that was a premium paced training race.