Playing it Smart

The Tuesday Track Club rolled around and wouldn’t you know it, we did the say workout I struggled with two weeks ago.  4 X 1 mile @ 6:00 minute miles.   This time the workout was clearly explained to everyone.  Your mile should be @ your 10k pace.   Hmmm, I haven’t done a 10k since last year’s Abe’s Able.  I think I was around a 7:00 minute mile.  I figured I could do that or even 6:45s.  

As we started, I stayed towards the back, and slowly slipped off the blistering 6:00 minute pace.  The laps were hard, but much easier with the mild weather.  I ended the first split in 6:37.  I ran a little faster than I wanted, but I was comfortable.  The second line up, I was assigned to lead lap 2 of 4.  That meant I needed to do 2 laps at 6:00 minute pace.  It worried me but I didn’t have any trouble.   I completed my lap in 1:27 and made my way off the back to complete the set.

The third lap, I just went through the motion.  My time went down to a 6:24.  The fourth and final set I was able to bring my time down to a 6:16.  I guess you could say I had negative splits, and was not completely wasted.  After that I only had one thing on my mind…  Could my legs hold up at the training race tonight?

I downed a bottle of NO Explode about an hour and half before the training race began.  I need anything and everything to get motivated for the race.  Clouds had rolled in and the wind was almost null.  There was a somber feeling in the air and I could only pray we would have a big turn out.

After a short warm up I headed to Bike Tek.  A good 20 riders!

Once the race started, it finally hit me tonight was sprint night.  I thought that might be a good thing, just incase I can’t hold on.  The first sprint went off, I followed the lead out, but stayed back as people pulled through.  I wanted to play it smart tonight and complete the entire ride.

The second sprint headed out and there was three people off the front.  I felt like peloton in the Tour, just waiting tell the last minute to real in the break away.  I landed on Gary’s wheel as he dropped into his 11 or 12.  We made up all the ground, I sprinted around and won the sprint.  I am not sure if anyone was one my wheel, the road was kind of gravely.  So I won a sprint, but I might have been the only one sprinting.  But to quote Andy Lister, “A win is a win.”

The next sprint went through the Key Hole.  The group stayed together until the zig zag.  I found myself in a small break with Robo and Shay.  I told them we had a gap, but I am not sure they realized it until it was too late.  The gap closed and it was a group sprint.

On the way back into town on the second to last sprint, everyone sat on Shays wheel.  Thanks for the ride Mark!  I am not sure if everyone was tired or what?  The sprint finally started and I stayed back on Robo’s wheel.  We were at the back of the pack but still holding a good 26-28 mph.  The sprint finished and went blowing by the the group.  I was hoping to keep some momentum around the corner, but wouldn’t you know it.  A freakin’ car.  Our breaks went on and everyone ended up regrouping.

The last sprint would not be as easy as the last.  The first hill came around and I pulled at a pretty good speed.  At the top Andy attacked.  A couple people jumped and I gave it all I had.  We caught that damn Lister on the next hill. But that was not the end of him.  He attacked again!  Ouch!  I tried to get on, but my legs were toast.  I finished behind the just behind the group.  Chalk another one up for the old guy (Gary.)

I rolled into home and attempted to open the garage door.  I couldn’t remember the code.  I took me a good 10 seconds (maybe more) to remember.  I was exhausted. 

Most people would hit the shower and call it a night.  But my wife and kids wanted to head back out to the fair.  So I took a quick shower and got everyone in the car.  On the way out we realized that the parking pass my wife had from earlier was not good for re-entry.  The I questioned the “mega-pass” wristbands that the kids had on.  We called up my sister Kim and she said they expired at 5:00.  So the State Fair was a wash.

We convinced the kid, and headed to Baskin Robins.  We got a scoop of ice cream and ate it under the clear sky.