Plan B

LetterBTonight Gary turned to “Plan B”.  Most of the roads out west were all tar or rocked.  And when the temperature is in the high 90’s there is nothing you can do but stay off those roads.  Gary chose an alternate route to Auburn.  Staying on the main roads, you know, the ones with actual lines painted on them.

It was a small group, but full of heavy hitters.  The pace started off pretty hard once we hit the smooth road.  I had to do everything in my power to stay on a wheel.  It was hard and fast!

Robo and Justin got in a small break, and Eric started chasing.  I grabbed hold of his wheel and started to cry.  But God answered my prayers.  We had hit the turn around point.  So everyone basically stopped and flipped.  Eric was pissed after all that hard work.  I was relieved.

The way back was equally as hard.  Coming back into town we spotted Jeff NIL8 Williams on the side of the road fixing a flat.  Good thing he was almost done.  Jeff came prepared!

Word of advice: Always carry a tube, pump/co2, tire irons, especially in the hot, tar, and rocky conditions!  If you don’t have pockets on your jersey, get a bag for your seat.  If you don’t have a bag, make sure you have pockets on your jersey.  Don’t rely on someone else!