Pioneer Race Report

Going into the first race of the year, you ask yourself plenty of questions. Did I swim enough?  Have I put enough miles in on the bike?  Did I put everything into my speed workouts?  Things go over and over in your head, which probably means you are ready.  The Pioneer Sprint in Petersburg, had a 1:00pm start.  This gave you more than enough time to get your shit together.  I actually had the car packed by 9 am.

I headed out to the race around 11.  I bumped in to a ton of people out there and chit-chatted for a while.  Then I got my act together and racked my bike, and regrouped with HardyBreed Racing for a warm up run. Jason snapped this photo on our way back in.  Have you seen Reservoir Dogs? For some reason we all had that calm look upon us…

After a mile or so on the road, I when back and changed into my Desoto tri suite and headed to the pool.  I did a 300 yard warm up in the pool then went out to sun on the benches.  I talked with several people on where they were lining up for the swim.  The gaps in the swim time staging were pretty large. 3-4 minutes, 4-5 minutes, 5-6 minutes, etc…  I was sure I wanted to be under 5, but really wasn’t sure where I would fit in with the crowd of people lined up against the wall.  I kept moving myself forward until I ran into Scott Harry and Dave Bagot.  Scott said 4:50, so I felt comfortable being right behind him.

The swim started, and took a few steps and jumped out, bouncing off the bottom of the pool to get some forward momentum. Down and back, down and back, I did a pretty good job this year getting under the ropes.  Half way though I found my self right behind Scott.  I tried to settle in, and relax hoping we didn’t bump heads on the flips.  The swim went really well, I ran out right behind him crossing the mat in 4:45.

Running straight to my bike I put on my glasses, helmet and grabbed my bike and ran out with a respectable T1 of 23.9 seconds.

The bike had a cross-tail wind on the way out, which felt pretty good.  I ramped it up without going red.  I wanted to save myself for the return.  Before the turn around I saw the top dogs, flying back.  Eric Bean, a professional triathlete with Timex was in the lead.  With Eric Sommer, John Lawyer and Tom Gerlach close behind.  I still had more people to pass to get up to the top ten.  I did what I could without blowing up my legs.  (I learned my lesson last year.)

Coming in to T2, I dismounted really early, and ended up running with my bike.  Racked my bike, dropped my Rudy Wingspan helmet, and glasses.  put on my shoes, and started to run out with my visor and belt, getting out in 25 seconds.

I had several people yelling at me that Dan Dungan just exited and was up the road.  They must have know that would be a good carrot for me.  My stride was feeling great, and I had Dan in my sites.  My garmin had me going through mile 1 in 6:44.  I had just passed Dan (he was running with a tennis ball sticking out of hip) and was looking up the road.  There was a couple more people that I thought I could catch.

I made it to the downhill section which really helped with my speed, running through the Square.  The final hill back to the school was a killer, I kept it steady and passed one more guy going up.  I got to the top and started pushing as hard as I could.  I was coming up to the hour mark and wanted to break it.

I crossed the finish in 59:41. 6th overall.  HardyBreed did pretty good itself, Eric was 3rd overall, John was 4th, D2 was 9th. But after clearing out the Pro and the Elite.  That really moved Eric up to #1, John to 2nd!

Totally excited about my race, I had nothing to complain about.  This was great prep for Sullivan next weekend.  Congrats to everyone that came out, it was a great day for a race!

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