Pictures Don’t Lie

I showed up for the Scholastic Challenge 5k about 7:00am.  That gave me a good half hour to warm up.  I started out over bridge, and ran into Eric Sommer.  We exchanged a few words, and he said “you didn’t do the training race on Thursday, did you?”  Well of course I did.  I am sure he thought my legs were shot, and he was probably right…  But not only did I do the training race on Thursday, but I also ran 5 on Friday.  I had the time, the weather was beautiful, why not….

I was not on fresh legs to say the least…   

So all this leads me into the photos that our Broken Hardy Breed Jason took at todays race.

The pictures don’t lie…

The look on some, was pain, tolerance, stress, etc.  When I was running the race, I know how I was feeling.  I tried to push myself the best that I could, as did many others.  When I looked back at the photos of myself, I thought… I look miserable. 

Scholastic Challenge 2008 100

 But the expression was on a lot of faces. 

Scholastic Challenge 2008 103

It kind of make you wonder why we do this???

My time was 19:48, a 6:23 pace.  I was happy with that, but with negative splits, I know I can do better.  I ended up 60th overall and 7th in my age group.  A race like today really makes you appreciated an age group win in the smaller races…