Peanut Butter & Jelly

The Track Club and Tuesday Night Training Race go together like peanut butter and jelly.  

The noon meeting of the shirtless track club started out with Billy Owens giving us the low down.  We were to complete 1 mile doing a two man/woman relay on 200’s.  I was teamed up with non-other than my Nemesis Andy Peterson.  Each team had a person on the opposite side of the track.  The clock started and I did 200 at top speed, tagging Andy on the other side.  I then had to cut across the track to meet Andy back on the other side, so I could do another 200.

This was a great workout.  It really didn’t provide much recovery between 200s.  So after the first Mile.  We lined up for another.  This time the teams went out staggered, to try to even them up.  

This was so tough Billy took it easy on us and cut the last set down to an 800.  THANK YOU!

This was not the end of my day,  The Training races started at 6:00 from BikeTek.  I did my usual warm up loop out west, in memory of Hardy Breed Rabbit Jason, God rest his soul. 

It was Sprint Night and a good crowd of about 25 riders showed up.

From the gun, Andy Lister attacked.  I think he took Bob Santarelli’s 3 most effective racing tactics seriously.  (Attack, Attack, Attack!)

A few of us tried to close the gap but that Andy is tough.  I think he held everyone off in the first sprint.  So correct me if I am wrong.

I was pretty tired after that effort and I think everyone felt the same for the second sprint.  But that would not be the story for number 3 at the keyhole.  Jeff NIL8 Williams and Robo took off.  They had a huge gap and no seemed to know what to do.  We could not get organized until it was too late.  My legs were toast so I was absolutely no help.

The held us off.

Number 4 was more of the same.  Andy attacked and well, you know the ending…

Then around the corner to finish up number 5, not one but two Listers attacked and that is the end of my story, well, because, I threw in the towel.  

I ended up riding in with Gary, Dan and Katie.

This was a good old fashion training race.  If you know how it ended… comment below.