Painting the Fence

karate_kidYesterday started off with a great 1 mile swim at Fit Club South.  I didn’t do all those drills my sister Kim always talked about.   Hey I am no swimmer, I am a runner and a cyclist.  Currently my swimming consist of getting to the club, getting in the water and just swimming.  I most likely have terrible form and that is why it probably takes me a full minute to a entire lap, in a 75ft pool.

I can’t read enough in Triathlete magazine about  swim drills.  When I first started swimming a couple of years ago, I took a weeks worth of lessons at the local swim club, from a young high school student.  He was a great swimmer, and wanted me to start doing all kinds of drills.  I said “just teach me how to swim, I don’t have time for all these drills.”  Well there was some truth to that, but I realized that without drills you will have a poor stroke,bad form and be very inefficient.

“You must paint the fence before you can learn karate” said Miyagi.

I guess I haven’t spent enough time painting the fence.  That is why I signed up for the YMCA Triathlon 101 class with Nancy Alexander.  The class starts next Thursday from 7-9 pm.  I will let you know how it goes.

Later this evening I was able to hit the trainer for an hour while watching 3 hours of the Tour of California coverage.  I decided to for go the fan, and sweat like a pig.

Is it me or has Astana been causing more crashes than normal?