Option 3

Option 3Today was my second master’s swim at Eisenhower.  A holiday weekend and the turn out was a little bare, so I was able to graduate to lane 3!

It was Dan Dungan, Kris Martin, and I.  We got the sheet and we choose “Option 3”

Warm up

  • 400 easy
  • 16 x 25s

Main set 2 times through:

  • 2 x 250s on the 4:30
  • Easy 50 on the 1:30
  • 5 x 100s alternate 1:45 fast – 1:55 med
  • Easy 50

Finish up

  • 6 x 25s 1 or no breaths

I would say this was just as tough as last weeks.  The main set went by pretty smoothly the first time through.  I felt like I could keep up with Dan and Kris.  I pretty much stayed behind them the whole time.  It was the second set that I had a little more trouble.  I found myself skipping a total of two laps to take a breather.

At last the main set was over and just 6 25’s left.  But 1 or no breath?  I did not think this could be done.  Dan handed me his pull bouy to try.  It is suppose to ease your lower body movement and consume less oxygen.  I started off I made it all the way to the center of the pool.  Took one breath and completed the 25.  Holy crap, I cant believe I did it!

Well, it all went down hill from there.  Every lap after that, I took one or two more breaths.  The pull bouy really felt awkward.  It seemed I wasn’t able to rotate my hip.  It felt like my butt was in the air the whole time.  I guess I will have to try this again on my own.

After we completed the workout, Kris showed me how to do a power turn much, much better than what I was doing.   I was not going under the water on my exit from the wall, and had too much drag.  She had me go under and put both arms out front and kind of dolphin kick.  I flew down the pool.  It was amazing!  I might be able to keep up next week.