One Mullet Brick

After a successful brick last Saturday, Jason and thought we would try it one more time before the big race next weekend.  We headed out west on the bikes at 5:00.  (Is12hr format ok with you?)  It was one of those days where you couldn’t tell where the wind was coming from.  I am guessing there was little or none.

We did a moderate pace on the way out pushing 24-26mph and slowing down to 21 on the hills.  It was no Robo pace, but it was comfortable.  We turned around at 6 miles and headed back.  The pace slowed.  I don’t remember those rolling hills being quit so big…

We did one final stretch, pushing as hard as we could.  I wanted to build up the lactic acid in my legs, before the run.  There is nothing better than to start a run feeling like you have 20# weights around your ankles.

So we dismounted and put on our running shoes, speedos (just kidding.)  Jason was actually a little speedier than on Saturday.  I stopped and opened a Gatorade, figuring I had another 30 seconds or so.  I was wrong.  Jason was ready to run.

We kept the run short.  Just over 3 miles.  I still haven’t figured out the point were your legs start feeling good after the bike.  It is definitely after mile one.

Back in garage, I was glad to be home.  Jason had to get back on his bike to go home.  He was putting in some true training for the Reverse Duathlon, were, I am counting on race day luck when it comes down to jumping back on the bike after the 5 mile run.  I figure you can always coast if needed…