One month to Longhorn 70.3

AustinLooking back over last week, I did pretty well with my training.  One goal I had was to swim 3 times.  I accomplished that with 2000 yard on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Swimming 3 times a week really is the magic number.  By day 3 your stroke falls in to place and swimming becomes second nature.  I will try to keep this up.

My running mileage on the other hand has been slacking.  I did make it to the Tuesday track workout (lunch with Eric) where we ran 6×600.  I had opened my mouth a little too soon and ended up leading the final 600.  I did hit 2:00 on the dot.

I also made it to both the Tuesday and Thursday training race.  The turnouts were really low, but the pace was steady.  I was lucky to get 30 miles in each night.

Once the weekend rolled around, I got stuck doing a long ride on Saturday, solo.  I took the TT bike out, hoping to get close to 90.  But the plan fell apart when I hit 104 in Waverly.  The road was crap and my motivation was low.  I decided to flip.  I knew i would be getting more than 60 in so I thought I would be satisfied.

I completed the ride with 65 miles with a 21 average.  I didn’t realize it, but I had a storm at my back.  By the time I changed clothes and put on my shoes, it started raining.  I figured I could still get 2 miles in before I totally got shit on.  I headed out and turned two 7:30 miles.  My legs felt good, and I really didnt feel like getting too wet.

Sunday the last day of my week, I convinced Jason to go on a long run with me.  We headed to the park.  We averaged around 8:30s on the way there.  After we lapped the park, we headed back and picked up the pace.  7:10, 15 or so all the way back.  I had too keep Jason in check.  After we parted at the usual corner, I kept going shooting for a sub 7 the last mile.

I managed a 6:56 that last mile.  I was really impressed with my legs, but they were sore.  11 miles for the day.

One month to Longhorn 70.3!