One Headphone

ipod_headphonesFor today’s long run I met up with Jason and headed out to do the “Beautiful Disaster” route.   I did not want another disaster, so I clipped on my iPod for this run. 

I don’t normally use an iPod when I run with others, but today I felt the need.  I was somewhat respectful and only used the right headphone, and kept Jason to my left.  I also kept the volume low.  It was like I always had a song running through my head, and of course I actually did.

We started off kind of slow.  It was hard getting in to the run.

By the time we made it to Washington Park, I thought to myself, I feel pretty good.

At this time Jason alerted me that he was going to stop and have a Gu at the Wabash trail.  I turned and looked at him.  That was at least 3 miles away.  He said he didn’t want me to be surprised?

His plan held up.  We got to the trail and stopped.  We both took care of some needs and began heading to the infamous “Old Navy.”  We decided to pick up our pace for this painful two mile stretch.

I think we did somewhere around a 7:30 pace for the trail.  It was comfortable and felt pretty good. 

We took it easy until we hit Koke Mill.  The the hammer dropped.  From Wabash to Old Jack, we did a 6:55 pace.  This felt great and helped build my confidence.

The last couple of miles fell off  pace, but I still felt good.  

I finished out the day with 14.65 miles in 2:10 which still put us at a 8:52 pace.  I guess I need to start working on a more consistant pace for the entire run.

30 miles for the week.