Oh My Knee!

Key workout #2 for week 10, an 18 miler (which turned into 20.)  My knee has been bothering me, and for some reason I knew this workout would put me in some pain.  Jason, my PT, said it was most likely my IT-Band.  Nothing a little ice and some stretching couldn’t fix.  It really doesn’t start to hurt until I stop running, so in theory if I don’t stop running, I should be fine.

 The 20 miles went by quick, and I felt rather good (except for the knee.)  I got home and stretched, iced, ibuprofened, stretched, and cornbeefed (St. Patties Day.)   I felt just like Lee Majors, when they said they could rebuild me.  The pain was gone, for now.  Later on my knee started to tighten up, tomorrow morning is going to suck.  I hope I am able to make it through this depression.

Oh, I do have to mention thanks to my great mis-calculation, we have 3 weeks to the marathon, not 2!  So hopefully I can shake this knee think off.

My milage for the week was lower then normal, I think I ran a total of three days this week for a total of 35 miles.  I did ride my trainer to make up for it though.  I also skipped the squats and lunges this week to avoid any knee pain.  I think next week will be the same…