Oh My God Hill

View Interactive Map on MapMyRide.comThis will be my second weekend ride for the year.  After a ten mile run yesterday, I was looking forward to taking Lola out on her first Petersburg ride.  Jason and I met up mid morning and headed out on the same route we have been doing for over 10 years.  The wind was kind of strong, and out of the North West.  So in theory we should have a tail wind on the way home.  The route is 50 miles round trip, and consist of about 10 good hills.

You can see the route here on MapMyRide.

It is really tough to map this route from memory.  When doing the ride, you just kind of know when to turn…  Somewhere in the middle of this route you will hit “Oh My God Hill.”  Why is it called that?  Well, when you go down it you yell “Oh My God!” and then when you climb back up the other side you yell “Oh My God!”

I really tried to give each and every climb my full attention.  I would imagine riding with a pack, and someone attacks.  That way you get everything out of every hill.  Good training!

We made a quick stop at the gas station in Petersburg before heading back.  Jason ran in and grabbed a Mt. Dew, and chugged it before he made it out the door.  And we were off. 

The ride home we kept waiting for this great tail wind.  Oh, did I mention that we crawled all the way to Petersburg (13mph). The wind never seemed to be at our backs.  I think the wind was moving more west, so that meant, more of a cross wind.  We did average around 20 on the way back.

We made it back through Salisbury and hit our last real hill and took the stagecoach (road) home.   I couldn’t wait to eat lunch.

Overall a successful weekend of training. 

– Dan