Not ready for prime time

Tuesday was my first track workout and first training race of the year.  Two high intensity workouts back to back.   Eric had set the track workout and I was a little sketchy on the idea, even though we did this same workout last year.  A  half mile warm up then 1 mile, .5 mile, 1 mile. With each .5 being 5 seconds faster than the previous. Quarter recovery between reps.My plan was starting with a 6:30 mile I was the only one at this pace.  I had several people ahead and a few behind.  For a 6:30 mile the splits should be: 3:15, 3:10, 3:05, 3:00, 2:55.  Unfortunately it played out all wrong. My splits turned out to be 3:08, 3:03, 3:03, 3:03, 3:02.  I was off by several seconds for each split.  I probably should have set my pace a little higher so I could hit my splits.  But I am sure I will get another chance at this workout this summer.

As for the training race (Team Mack ride), it was sprint night.  And for the first training race of the year, it is usually a good way to gauge your cycling fitness.  What I learn was I am in decent shape, that should come around in the next couple weeks.  In the chart below you can see that mile 9-13 someone put the hammer down, and I struggled to stay on. Mile 11 we averaged, 28.6 mph, 302 average watts and 97 rpms.  That is just crazy talk this time of year!  And I guess that is why it only lasted 1 mile.

Once I made it through the two sprints, which I did not contend for.  I flipped at the T-Bone with a few other guys and rode back in.  I was toast!  Almost 25 miles for the night.  I am looking forward to nothing but a swim on Wednesday and hopefully I will have some better results next week!