No-Time Trial

The Wednesday New City Time Trial started as usual.  Everyone paid their buck, wrote a number on themselves and were staged.  There was a huge turnout tonight, over 20 people.  The large crowd really makes things more interesting.

I was positioned about 5 riders from the back, so I had a lot of carrots in front of me and some really fast rabbits behind me.

My goal tonight was to keep my cadence between 90 and 100.  If I had to drop to an easier gear, I would.  On the way out we had a cross/head wind.  I kept my rpm’s up and averaged around 22-23 mph.  I did not make any ground on Dan Eichinger, who started 30 seconds ahead of me.

After the turn-around things started to speed up with the tail wind.  I was managing between 28-30 mph with a 100 rpms.  I passed a few people on the way in, but couldn’t put a dent in Eichinger.  (He did have a aero helmet and a disk wheel, so that is why he was able to hold me off…just kidding…)

Some where on on the way back I got passed by a freight train.  Brock and Robo came flying by.  At that point my mind collapsed.  I speed just dropped.  I am really not sure what happened but it took me a while to get back up to speed.

Towards the end, my rpms dropped and felt the need for a larger gear.  I tried to put what ever I had left into the gap between Dan and I.

After the finish, everyone kind of grouped around Schiens car and laptop, waiting for the results.  Well, we waited and waited…  We had some sort of timing problem Times were being thrown up in the air.  Nothing sounded right.  I checked my time on my bike computer.  I had 27:14.

Times were agreed upon and I left.

The result were then emailed and the times had completely changed again.  (See the results our Forum) These things happen, and it really is no big deal, so no offense to our time keepers.  (don’t let it happen again… just kidding again…)

My time was 27:14 and I am sticking to it…