No more lolly gagging!

After wasting myself on Saturday and Sunday.  I was up for the challenge of Lunch with Eric.  It was a ladder, 200, 400, 600, 800, 600, 400, 200.  For some reason I felt like pushing myself today, and I tried to keep up with the bunch.  I think these were my splits.  Let me know if I am way off. (I can manage a website, but not a Timex watch…) 0:41, 1:20, 02:06, 2:46, 2:12, 1:16, 0:29.


Later that night I headed out to the training race. I had to turn around early so Julie could go to her 7:00 bunco dinner.  I was able to do an early warm up lap with Jason and then meet the group.  I filed in beside, none other than Dave Egan.  He was planning on turning around early too.  We were riding out at a leisurely pace, so I told him we better get a move on or we wouldn’t get a workout in before the turn around.

Dave put the pedals to the metal and started pulling past everyone.  I followed.  We got to the front and passed Jeff NIL8 Williams.  I told him “No more lolly gagging!” and continued to pull through.

I am not sure what happened at this point but Dan Eichinger was the only one on my wheel.  There was no turning back now.  I saw Gary up the road and continued to bridge.  We took a couple of pulls and at that point I realized I might as well go for the first sprint sign.  Not that I had a chance against Gary…

Gary got the first sprint.  I am not sure if no one followed because they knew I was going to turn around early, or they figured I couldn’t hold them off that far out. (most likely the case… but you can confirm).

I turned around and waved to everyone as they came through.  Dave?  What happened to Dave?  He must have turned around on the last hill.  I never did see the yellow jersey again.  Sorry about that.  When you get the itch to light matches you just do it.  You can pay me back on Thursday.

Not sure how many miles I got… maybe 15? My computer battery was dead!