New Training Partner

Yes I do feel guilty when I am out training by myself, and my wife is alone with the kids.  With that said, I decided to go for a run in the 88 degree heat with my daughter Chloe at my side.  She just learned to rider here bike earlier this year without training wheels so she is able to keep a pretty good pace.

We headed out, and she kept asking my why I was so wet? Did I mention the 100% humidity?  We had a pretty good workout, I did help her up some of the hill on Washington, with a slight push from behind.  On the way home we sprinted to the finish, and yes she did beat me.  Just over 3 miles. When we got home, my other daughter wanted to go also.  She is still using training wheels.  So we when around the block, and called it a day.

I will hopefully have Chloe on some 10 mile runs soon!