New Kit, Training Race, Last Swim

effettoconiglioI was very excited to be back in town after our short vacation.   I missed the Tuesday Night Training Race and I heard it was a good turn out of around 20 people. 

At lunch I headed out to Wheel Fast to pick up my new Effetto Coniglio kit.  Jake and Jeff NIL8 Williams did a great job designing them.  They even have the logo on the back.  Very Cool!

By the time 5:00 rolled around so did the clouds.  The rain was holding off, and I had a new kit to show off.  I got home, got dressed and headed out.  60 degrees.  I really should have worn booties.  My toes were cold by the time I rolled up to Bike Tek.  

The crowd was small: Gary, Jeff, Mike, Chad, Justin, Gina, John, Robo and Me.

We headed out of town down Old Salem. Robo picked up the pace rather quickly and left a gap.  I looked down and I was doing 29 from the start.  Ouch!!!  I am not in that good of shape yet, and have not had my heart rate that high in months.

I stuck it out until Farmingdale Road, where I turned around.  

On the way back I got hit by a few drops of rain, but nothing substantial.  I still got a good hour ride in.  Things look promising for this season.  I just wish I could get running again full time.

I never intended to try to do the whole race, I had my last swim class at 8:00 and needed to clean up and eat before hand.

Jason Picked me up for swim at 7:30.  We got there a little early and were able to get a few warm up laps in.  The pool is kind of cool so a pre class warm up is essential.

We did some more warm ups, US, ZS, OS, FIST.  Then we did 100s and practices switching lanes.  We have got to get ready for those pool swim tris.  Nancy Alexander took some video of our strokes.  Everyone improved since the beginning of the class.  I know I feel more efficient.  Fast? not really, but that will come with training. (right Nancy?)

Swim 101 at the YMCA was a great beginner class.  The next session starts starts next week, so you still have time to sign up.

Overall, today was a lot of fun.  Nothing tough, but a great way to ease into the season!