My Vision Quest

The weekend was good and bad.  Saturday I went on a run with Jason and Eric.  We decided to run the 10 mile Vine course.  I started out feeling ok, but after the first couple of miles I started to struggle.  My legs felt like logs.  The run boiled down to survival.  Closing in on the finish of the course we ran through the park trying to hold a 8 min pace.  I couldn’t do it.  I got dropped.  It was not my day!  I ended up walking and jogging the rest of the way back to Eric’s house.

This was not the way to start of the weekend.

Sunday I decided to give masters swim another shot.  I have been swimming 2-3 times a week for the past 6-7 weeks.  I don’t feel fast by any means, but I have got some endurance back.  Anyhow…. Masters swim was packed.  I don’t recall seeing this many people at the pool.  Each lane had 4-5 people in it.  I took this as an excuse to join in on lane 1.  The slow lane.

When I say the slow lane, I really mean, slow.  I mean more recovery.  I probably swam close to the same pace as if I was in a faster lane, but I got much more recovery between sets.

I wish I could remember the exact workout.  I think I ended up with somewhere around 25oo yards.  I felt pretty good about this swim.

Later Sunday afternoon, I broke out my netflix dvd, Vision Quest.  Tim Deboom talked about some inspirational movies in his latest article in Triathlete Magazine.  I had never seen this movie, which was from 1985.

The movie had a great soundtrack, including Madonna, and Journey, which was really motivating when riding the trainer.  I ended up with a puddle of sweat and 25 miles.

I also got to test out my new ISM Adamo saddle and my first impression was good.