My Version of Drills

Last week I swam twice.  Each time I would warm up for 500 yards then do my version of drills for another 500.  First  I did a set of 25 on 25 recovery.  The second day I did 50 on 50 recovery.

Today I decided to move up to 100’s.  I warmed up with 500 then did 5 x 100s with 60 second recoveries.

Swimming hard for 100 yard is tough.  Trying  to focus on technique is even harder.

I did  first 100 was 1:30 and then dropped with my last rep at 1:40.

My main goal is to swim twice a week and try to make it to masters swim on sundays.  I am still at the novice level of swimming and looking for the masters to straighten me out.

By the way I found a great new podcast/website that discusses triathlon swimming at: They are also on iTunes.