My rear end review

2009-07-26-AM-11-15-15752009 was a learning experience. I completed a total of 9 races. 3 running, 1 biathlon, and 5 triathlons. Looking back, that doesn’t seem like that many races. I think I put in a lot more training miles this year and focused much more on the bike.

I was really big on group training also. I started going to masters swim quit regularly on Sundays. Didn’t miss too many workouts at the track on Tuesdays (aka.. Lunch with Eric). And God forbid if I missed any of the Tuesday/Thursday training races (Team Mack rides). Oh and don’t forget those New City Time Trials, on every other Wednesday. Those four thing are what really motivated me this year. I really enjoyed going to each one of those every week and hated to miss, because of a taper. Outside of group training sessions, I also tried to put together some good long group rides over the summer too.

I had a bunch of really great guys to keep me motivated all year long. This coming year will probably be no different. So a big kudos goes out to my family, my wife Julie, Jason, Dan, Eric, John, Kim, Clarence, the New City Group, Team Mack, Effetto Coniglio, Wheel Fast, and many more… You can add you name in the comments section 🙂

So here are all the races I did this year, along with links to my race report for each one.

April 14, 2009
Illinois Half Marathon (my race report: Tagging Along):
Total: 1:55:04 an 8:47 pace

April 18, 2009
Pioneer Sprint triathlon (my race report: Fun at the Pioneer Sprint):
6th place over all, 2nd in age group, Swim: 5:25, T1: 0:24:8, Bike: 33:21 (23.4mph), T2: 0:30:6, Run: 22:49 (7:08 pace) Total: 1:02:31

May 30, 2009
Capital City Biathlon (my race report: Comfortably Painful Biathlon):
4th place over all, 1st in age group, Total: 57:09 (6:20 run pace, 24.3mph avg bike)

June 13, 2009
Scholastic Challenge 5k (my race report: The Reverse Danathalon):
37th over all, 2nd in age group, Total: 19:23 (6:15 pace)

July 18, 2009
Evergreen Lake Triathlon (Olympic distance) (my race report: Video Recap of Evergreen Lake Tri):
44th overall, 6th in age group. Swim: 30:16, T1:1:12, Bike: 1:02:49 (23.7mph), T2: 1:16, Run: 46:40 (7:31 pace) Total: 2:22:13.9

July 26, 2009

Iron Abe (Olympic distance) (my race report: “A” for Iron Abe)
7th place overall, 1st in age group. Swim: 21:06, T1: 58:05, Bike: 1:01:33 (24.2mph & best bike split!) T2: 42:10, Run: 46:10 (7:27 pace) Total: 2:10:30

August 15, 2009
Rail Splitter (1mile,36mile,7mile) (my race report: Cramping where Lincoln Cramped):
5th place overall, 1st in age group. Swim: 34:30, T1: 22:06, Bike: 1:33:56 Bike (23.0mph), T2: 1:30, Run: 1:00:37 (8:40 pace) Total: 3:10:58

October 25, 2009
Ironman 70.3 Longhorn (my race report: My Longhorn 70.3 report):
213/2091 overall, 33/340 age group. Swim: 39:19 T1: 3:41 Bike: 2:30:40 T2: 3:18 Run: 1:45:39 Total: 5:02:37

December 6, 2009
Frostbite Festival (my race report: Frost-bites):
19th overall, 1st in age group. 1:11:20 (7:08 pace)

It was a great year and I can only hope to improve on these results. If asked, what would my goals be? I want to become a more efficient swimmer, I want to become a stronger cyclist, I want to have a solid run without cramping, I want to become an Ironman!

I will have to focus on what it will take to actually accomplish all of these goals, because none of these will be easy.