My new beer fridge

beer fridgeAfter hearing about Jason’s last run in Indy, I knew I had to put in some miles.  I totally skipped out on riding on Saturday.  Cleaning out my garage to make room for my new beer fridge took precedence.  Jason had gotten a new fridge for his kitchen so I bought the old one off of him.

When Sunday rolled around I was completely exhausted from standing around in the garage and going up and down the ladder.  But I managed to get out of bed and head out for a run.  It was suppose to rain later that day.

I started out heading toward Washington Park.  My legs felt extremely recovered.  My first mile was around an 8:30 and it kept going down from there.  Before I knew it I was running in the 7:30 range.

Keeping tempo the entire run was going to be tough, but I had my iPod on listening to some podcast.  The Competitors Radio Show had Crissy Wellington on.  She is crazy.  She seems so clueless about triathlon (maybe a little harsh), but she just goes out and does it at a insane pace.  She just set a ironman world record with an 8:31:59 at Roth.

Well that was enough to keep me going.  Nothing better than listening to her stories and how well rounded and grounded she is.

I left the park and took a round about way home, running on some neighborhood roads I have never been down.  I started getting worried about running in an unfamiliar area and that it might slow me down.  But I made it back on the main road and held my pace.

I finished up with 12.5 miles averaging a 7:40 pace.  I felt really good about the run, considering my lack of running this year.  I think the key to today’s run was getting into a grove and holding a semi comfortable pace.

Now if I can only do this on race day.