My First Masters Swim

speedosI have been telling Eric and John for weeks now that I was planning on going to Masters Swim at Eisenhower on Sunday morning. But for some reason, the timing never worked out. Usually adult beverages got in the way.

But this Sunday  I over came my fear and showed up for the swim in my white speedo. I was about 10 minutes early, and really didn’t recognize anyone yet.  People were walking around with pull buoys, fins and drinks.  I didn’t bring any of that stuff.  In fact I didn’t know you could get thirsty while swimming.  I guess these people are not drinking the pool water like me…

8:00 rolled around and Eric showed up in his white speedo too (we look kind of like twins) and said something about a long line at donut shop.  John showed up with sunglasses and a gold chain on (not really.)  Even Charles(@cwcamp) showed up, saying my tweet motivated him to show up also.

Eric gave me the 101 on masters swim.  Lane 1 is the slow lane and 6 is the fastest.

I decided to start in the slow lane. I was joined by Tara and Mark. I did a few laps to warm up before the gun went off.

This was the workout:
10×150  (The fast lane did 15 of these…)
3×150 fast,med,fast
50 easy

Guuuuuuuulp….. 10×150?  I’m not a mathematician but that’s 1500 yards, straight.  This was going to be tough!

Every set was an accomplishment for me.  One of the biggest problems was keeping count of  laps, reps and sets.  Swimming as a group really helped motivate.   If I didn’t have someone behind me the whole time, I would have quit early.

I was scared before I did this swim and I will be scared on future swims.  This is a tough workout, and if I can keep it up, I am sure I will be a better swimmer/triathlete for doing it.