My 100 MPH Time Trail

Tonight’s New City Time Trial played to my liking.  I will say I was not enthused going into it.  Matter a fact, my legs did not feel like they had a new PR in them tonight.  I was lined up 5th from last.  I knew my time from two weeks was 25:26.  I have been getting stronger every week, and hoped for the best from the line.   I hooked up my FlipHD to my bull horns and recorded the whole thing.  I even sped up the video so it looks like I am going about 100 MPH.   Watch the video below to see how it all played out. (Music courtesy of Green Day)

I finished up at 24:58 a new PR.  Good enough for 4th place with an average speed of 25.9 mph.  Not quite 100, but  I’ll take it!  I just keep wondering when my times will stop going down.  The video turned out a little bumpy.  Dan Dungan actually sugested I run about 80 psi in my tires to help absorb the shock a little better.  Ya, sounds like a great idea!   I think the camera was slowing me down enough already….  Let me know what you think of the video?

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