Monster Brick

40# SandbagToday I dusted off the tt bike and headed out for a sprint sized brick.  The Midwest Monster Adventure is just two weeks away and a bike-run workout is key.  Walking around the neighborhood with a 40# bag of sand would probably help too, but I will have to pass on that.

Just getting the legs turning and not over doing it was all I was looking for.  I went 7 mile out and headed back in.  I found my arms falling asleep in while in the aerobars.  It has been a good month since I have been it the tuck position.  But with a little shake, I found the blood coming back to my fingers.

14 miles later I found myself in the garage, slipping into my shoes, grabbed a hat and headed out for a run.  The first couple of minutes is always the worst.  My legs felt a little rubbery and took a little to get moving at full speed.

I originally intended on doing around 3 miles, but my legs felt great and I kept going.  I ended up rackin’ up around 5.

I can’t wait until the Monster!