Man Down!

The day started with the noon track club. The workout for today was 6 X 400 on 2:00 intervals. My first couple laps were right on 1:19. That gave 41 seconds of recovery for each lap. My next two laps were on 1:20. I was progressively getting slower and could see what was to follow… 1:22’s.

The workout was over in no time. It seemed too short, but I am glad I didn’t have to do another 400. I think this workout really helped on my speed and recovery.

Later after work, Tuesday night sprint night started off like any other. About 25 riders met at Bike Tek and headed out on a 30 mile loop. The wind was WNW @ 12mph and the temp was probably in the upper 70s.

The first sprint was casual. I just hung in, putting forth no extra effort, trying to save myself for the later miles.

The second leg started getting harder when Andy Lister attacked up a hill. The group was spread out and hurting. After the sprint people trickled in, and we regrouped.

We started into the Key Hole and with a head/cross wind, the peloton stayed together through the jagged turns. We made our way to the turn around. Tail Wind! Yes, but that meant it would be fast.

Brock Webb worked his way to the front on his time trial bike, pulling through at 30mph. I grabbed his wheel and never looked back.

^$&((*&)(*_*)( HOLD UP! WHAT??? A HUGE WRECK…..

We immediately stopped and turned around. We were probably already a quarter mile down the road. I could see riders sprawled across the road.

I came up to the group, our own Hardy Breed Rabbit, Jason, sat in the middle the road with his hands on his head. Another rider in the ditch.

I asked Jason if he was alright… he said “no, I broke my collar bone.”

People were scrambling for cell phones.

We got a hold of Jason’s wife and waited. Jason held it together for the pain he was in. We notice he had skinned his head, and we didn’t know how. The we looked at his helmet and noticed it was cracked in several places. I turned to him saying, “It is merely a flesh wound.”

I then looked at straitening up his mangled bike. The rear seat stay was cracked in half.

Everyone hung out on the side of the road until help arrived talking about what happened. It looked like Jason had lost his front wheel in some deep soft asphalt and was launched on to the road, with riders following behind.

The rides arrived and Jason and Ben were headed to the Hospital.

The peloton regrouped and headed back. Brock pulled us most of the way back in, hovering around 28-29mph. It was fast, but steady. I am not sure who won the final sprint, but I was glad to be back.

I hope everyone that reads this can comment below giving a Hardy Breed Get Well to Jason.