Lunch without Eric?

burger-kingYes, the title of the post sounds so sad…

But don’t get me wrong there was lunch and there was Eric.  He did show up but sat on the bench with his son eating BK, fingerbanging the runners.  Bang, Bang, Bang!

No fries left for the runners, Billy took control and started the workout.  800, 400, 800, 400.  Sound pretty easy huh?  Well, I always say it is what you make of it. And I am not sure what I made… My legs were still hurting pretty bad from the Iron Abe.

So here are my splits:

  • 800: 2:56
  • 400: 1:17
  • 800: 3:02
  • 400: 1:13

I think it took me longer to drive across town than it did to run at the track!