Lunch (and Dinner) with Eric

hulkIt warmed up just enough…  That I finally showed up for a track workout.  The last time I did a speed workout was at the Pioneer Sprint and I am not so sure that 7:08 miles would classify as speed work.

The first thing I did for this workout, was to show up on time!  I know how angry Eric gets when you are late.  And you wouldn’t like Eric when he is angry!

The workout was 1600, 800, 1600, decreasing your time by 5-10 seconds for each 800.  Well at least that is what I did, or tried to do.  I was so absent minded, I had to keep asking what the hell we were doing.

I started out the first 1600 running with Tracy.  She had already put in like, 50 that day, so I knew she would be great to pace off of.  We may have taken it too easy, because I think we talked the entire 4 laps.   I think we ended up around a 7:00 mile.

The next 800 we took just a little faster.  finishing in 6:40

The final mile we started out at a little faster pace.  I can’t recall what my split were.  I was too busy dodging the high school kid that showed up to WALK around the track for PE.

I finished up a little over a 6:00 mile.  It was a good effort and that is all I can say.  It wasn’t as tough as it should have been.  And I know that Eric, Billy and that group worked much harder.

My goal was to take it easy.  My left foot still has a lingering pain, and God knows I don’t need to push it.

Later that night was the Training race with Team Mack.  I started off by picking up Jason and doing our normal loop.  We then headed to Bike Tek.  A huge turn out, well over 20 riders!  Eric also showed up.  I am not sure if we should be seeing so much of each other so early in the season…

My plan for the ride was to take it out to Farmingdale Road.  I had to be back by 6:30 so the family and I could head to St. Agnes for the Science fair.

The group started of fast as usual, down Old Salem.  I couldn’t tell if my legs were tired from the rides over the weekend or the track workout at lunch.

Anyhow I made it to the turn around and back home just in time.  One of these  days I will be able to try to complete a entire training race.  So… until then….