Love of My Life

Today I lifted weights in the morning and went for a nine mile run in the afternoon.  My right foot has been bothering my, but today, I tied my shoes extra tight.  My foot was cradled and the pain was gone, well almost…  So from now on I will tie my shoes much tighter.  Along with the proper fit, and inserts, socks are also important.

When I went up to Wisconsin to do The North Face Challenge, I was fortunate enough to find the love of my life.

I was at Laacke & Joys in Bloomfield.  I ran into a display of socks.  Not just any old socks, but  Smartwool.  I decided to buy a pair.  Everyone looks at socks differently.

Some don’t care what they are wearing, thick, thin, or wicking. Socks can make or break a run or a ride.  They can even brighten a day at the office.

Smartwool sock are hands down the best socks that I have ever had.  They provide great cushioning, wicking and blister control.

When I got back from Wisconsin, I did a little more research and found that you can buy these socks at a lot of different places, including “Dicks.”  These are a little pricey for a pair of socks, but cheep in the overall scheme of things.  What else can you buy for 16 bucks? a couple of tubes for you bike, a half a box of powerbars, a pair of running gloves?

For 16 bucks you can feel in control of you life, with a pair of Smartwool socks.  They come in a variety of styles including casual, hiking, running etc…

So if you can ask Santa for one thing for Christmas, tell him you want Smartwool.