Little Thick Burger

thickburgerHeading to the Burg at 5:30 is growing on me.  Jason, Josh, Eric and I all headed out for an easy 50.  The humidity was extremely high.  On the way out we were cutting through fog like a sharpe butter knife.  The conversation was suprisely good for the AM.  Before I knew it, we were cresting the final hill into Petersburg.  There was so much energy, Eric took the town sprint sign.

Going though town all I could do was think about food.  We talked about the McDonalds hash brown patties, and making a ketchup sandwich out of them.  Then there was Hardees.  They have those little tator tots, mmmmm.  The sign at Hardees read Little Thick Burger.  I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Unfortunately Petersburg was the end of the line today.  We went back through New Salem and headed back to Springfield.

A nice 50 miles before 8:30 am.

Forever yours….  Little Thick Burger….