Let it snow, let it snowshoe

snowshoes.gifA foot of snow.  It makes running kind of difficult.  But it is days like today, that you dust off your snow shoes and head for the golf course.  Yes, the golf course!  Thank God the one I went to was a 9 hole par 3 course.

I bought a pair of Tubbs Catalyst 2 years ago.  These are not your grandfathers snow shoes.  These have a aluminum frame and titanium cleats.   They are wicked fast, until you put them on and step into a foot of powder. 

Fully recovered after taking Thursday off I was looking for a change up outside.  The temp was in the upper 20’s.  I started off on hole 9 and about 10 steps into the run, my legs were burning.  I don’t remember it being this hard last year.  But then again I am not sure we had a foot of powder.  With each step my foot sunk, picking up snow like a shovel.  It was like having 5 pound ankle weights on.  I traveled on watching hundreds of kids going down the largest hill on the course.  I went up the side of that hill and seemed to be having just as much fun as them.

It is something about the snow that makes your runs seem so peaceful, even when your legs are in pain and you have the taste of blood on your tounge.

I finished the course in 30 minutes and that was is.  A good run, and I am sure my legs/butt will be sore tomorrow.