Less than one week

It is amazing how quickly one year has passed since I registered for Ironman Wisconsin. Now the hours are trickling away and there is nothing else to do but wait for the gun to go off.

I am very nervous even though I know I am ready.  I have had a year of stellar training, and working with Eric Bean on a late season training plan has really reassured my readiness.

This week I will be preparing list of everything I might need, and packing into bags.  Reassuring myself with my equipment.  New chain, cleats, tires, deciding on shoes, clothes….  Ok I am freaking out…

The bottom line is to get to the race and execute my race plan of finishing.  It will be great to know that I have a ton of rabbits out there checking in on me and the rest of the HardyBreed Crew.

So I invite you join HardyBreed on Sunday at IronmanLive.com. Just plug in our name or bib number to find out how we are doing on the course.

  • Dan Billingsley –  1057
  • Jason Beeler – 978
  • Eric Sommer – 1029
  • Dan Dungan – 2043
  • Steven Graves – 1043
  • Travis Schroll – 808
  • Joseph House – 812

I also want to thank everyone in advance, especially my family for supporting me in all my training this year.