Last One Standing

I went to do my key workout #1 for week 9 while staying at a Hyatt on business. I was one of the first in the workout room at primetime. I staked out my Lifefitness treadmill. It had a 12 tv screen built in. If it wasn’t for that I would have been staring at a wall. Did I mention, no fans. The sweat poured off me. I watched as people came in and worked out, then left. I was still on the treadmill doing a 8:30 pace. The workout called for 3×3 at MP with .5 mile recovery. I chose to do 10 straight miles. My left knee was starting to bother me about 3 mile in. I think it had to do with the squats I had done the day before. When I finished the run there where 2 other people left in the room and I had taken in 40oz of water.