FOCUSMy run has really been suffering do to a constant drift.  Maybe you can relate?  You start running and next thing you know, your pace has slowed by a minute and you are in La-La Land.  Thinking about everything under the sun.

I suppose this is probably a good thing for your mind to do, but it does not help your running.  So on todays lunch hour run I tried to do just the opposite, and FOCUS.

It is harder than you think.  I went out just over 2+ miles in 16:30, thinking how good I was feeling.  But I was not focusing.  So while I was thinking, I decided on the 2+ miles back I would FOCUS the entire way and keep a steady tempo.

I started to think focus, focus. Looking at the squares on the sidewalk, and seeing my feet land in front of each other.  My footsteps sounded like a clock… tick tock, tick tock.

Headed up a hill.  My heart rate will rise, but knowing I must keep up the pace, and I will recover just after the top.  Stay focused.

I though of nothing else.  Just focusing on the task at hand.  The next 14:20 I basically just kept mumbling in my head, focus, focus…

Somewhere toward the end, that little devil showed up on my shoulder telling me I could slow down at the next corner.  I resisted.  I had set the imaginary finish at my driveway.  That little devil tried to get me to stop a couple of more times.  But I stayed focused and guess what… I stay at pace all the way to the driveway.

I was kind of proud of myself, because this is was a first.

The mental game is everything and I will need all of it for the Polka Pace Race Saturday.