Kind of like Dean

5050Saturday was I was kind of like Dean Karnazes 50/50.  Except I didn’t run 50 marathons in 50 states.  Instead I did a 50 mile ride with a 50 minute run afterward.  I think you can see the resemblance…

I assembled the posse, Sommers and Lawyer.   We decided to ride the TT bikes to Petersburg.  Eric’s bike is still new, so it wasn’t hard to convince him.   I have got to get ready for Longhorn, so I don’t have a choice, but to put in some miles on the TT.

We started out a little late, 7:00 am.  It was cool, I actually had armwarmers on.  I think John was nippling the whole time.  The roads are not well kept, that is for sure.  We had to actually do a dismount and cycle cross our bikes on our shoulders for a good 200 meters.  Muddy cleats and some  itchy legs is about all we got out of it.  Good thing we didn’t have to hop any hurdles.

On the way back in we ran into Dan Dungan.  He was out doing some serious training for Augusta 70.3. We had been taking it easy the whole time.  I felt kind of guilty, but the roads sucked!  But once we hit some smooth road, John put the hammer down.  We put in a good hard 5 miles out of the 50 total.  Kind of pathetic, but miles are miles.

When I got home I laced up the running shoes and headed out.  I felt pretty good.  The ride wasn’t hard, and I had taken plenty of Endurolytes and Gu’s.  So I was hoping for a cramp free run.  I did a round about run including the hills on Washington.  I didn’t set any land speed records, but the key was the transition from the bike to the run.

50 minutes later I returned home, hungry as can be.  After a shower I put on the Zoot compression socks and headed out to sandwich from Head West.  The hippies make a mean sandwich.

My weekend wasn’t over.  Sunday, I met up with Eric, Alex, Billy, and John for a short run of 14 miles on the train from Wabash to Chatham.   I kind of forgot what it was like running in cool weather.  I had a sleeveless compression shirt, an tank and armwarmers on.  After 100 feet, I took the armwarmers off, wondering what the hell I was thinking.  I am a well know over dresser.

We made it out to Chatham and stopped at Hucks.  I took my Roctane and washed it down with some watered down Gatorade.  Eric on the other hand was eating a king sized Snickers with a RedBull.

The conversation was good and it made this run somewhat tolerable. I didn’t really realize how far we had gone until about mile 12.  My feet were killing me.  I has been months since I have ran this far.  My goal was to put the mile in while running fatigued from yesterdays brick.  I would say my goal was accomplished.  Of course Eric, Alex and Billy continued on after the 14, for a couple more mile.  But then again they have a marathon to run in just 5 weeks.

It was a great weekend of training, now if I can make it through Monday at my desk.