Keeping up with the Kiddos

It wasn’t a new car, a new bike or anything of that sort. I came back from a long night in St. Louis and felt like crap. A bachelor party for my nephew who is probably 15 years younger than me. Anyhow, it was hard work keeping up with the kiddos.  The night started with a ball game, and then progressively got worse…  The photo below is just a little out of focus.  The guy with camera had too many already.

I'm the short one second from the right

On the way home in the care, I pulled up facebook. John, who we road with yesterday went out and ran a 20 miler today. Of course he does have an Ironman to do in a couple of weeks… But I was jealous, or something of that sort. I did 86 miles yesterday then went out and ruined everything I worked for on that ride. I had to get out and run, no matter how I felt.

I couldn’t possibly feel any worse…

I headed out,  this wasn’t so bad so I kept running.   I made it all the way to the park (4miles).  Halfway through the park, I had some Neo-Pro with no helmet on, pass me on the bike.  It was Josh Neff!  He turned around and road with me the rest of the way around the park.  He also spotted me a sip of water.  I had a really dry mouth.  Josh just got a new road bike at Wheel Fast and had been riding none stop since then.  See what a new bike will do to you.   It also sounds like he Josh might be back?  He mentioned something about going to the New City TT on Wednesday.  So watch out!

I dropped him at the edge of the park, and continued running towards home.  10 miles later I ended up in my driveway.  It wasn’t 20 miles, but half of that sounded pretty good.  I think Lawyer has a good 10 years on me too.

I took a shower and crashed until dinner.  I was pooped!