Just Set a New PR

img_0021I just set a new Personal Record for consecutive days of doing absolutely nothing.  5 days and not a single workout.  Don’t ask me how I did it, because one cannot train for this.

The family and I just took a little time down at Disney.  We took in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, the pool, Downtown Disney, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Yes, I may have walked 10 miles a day pushing a stroller and standing in lines, but I wouldn’t call it a workout.

I won’t even mention the day time cocktail(s).

I was disappointed I missed the Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon It looked like a great time. Jason and Tom handled HardyBreed without me  and took some great photos.

With LMHM behind us, that means the Illinois Marathon is this weekend.  Ouch!  I can’t wait to see everyone from Springfield suffer as I sit on the sidelines… (Not really,  I am kind of sad that I will be unable to participate.)

And now I have less than two weeks to the Pioneer Sprint Triathlon, I will be going in unprepared.  I have not been able to really “run” for quit some time now.   I have no tempo, and I am not too sure of what to expect off the bike.

Tonight, I was able to get outside and break my None-Workout-Streak.  I ran a total of 4.5 miles.  I didn’t want to push the pace, but I just wanted to take it easy.

Tomorrow is our last Tri Swim Class at the YMCA with Nancy Alexander.  It is also a Team Mack Training Race night.  Hmmm… choices, choices.  Maybe both?  I am sure I will get dropped in time to make it to swim class!