It’s Not Easy Taking it Easy

Took it easy this weekend. Halloween was great. Jason and family and other came over. I took my usual job of manning the door. Everyone else hit the street, knocking on doors. Asking for candy and to support Barack Obama. Ok well, maybe they were just asking for candy. But I do hope everyone gets out to vote on Tuesday (Wednesday for Republicans.)

My job at home was to keep my lips wet with a tasty beverage, and to order the pizza for when the kids returned. The door bell was ringing and I could hardly keep up. But eventually it slowed down. The pizza arrived and I started eating. Everyone finally returned with bag upon bags of candy.

The kids were wired, bouncing off the walls. I think it was a 1:5 pizza to candy ratio.

Saturday rolled around and I took in a morning weight session. It is not too often that I am able to get in three sets. I am usually held for time and can only manage two. So I felt pretty good about that.

I was in such a great mood on Saturday, I loaded up the car and took the family to my favorite restaurant: Jimmy Johns. (It sounds like such a treat, doesn’t it???)

The kids could barely keep there eye open all day, from that rough night of the dead. So I took my cue and headed out for a run. I only had an hour, so I did exactly that. I am guessing, but I think I did around an 8:00 minute pace. It felt pretty good. I just wish I could get my feet back together after the trail run last weekend.

Sunday was a day of rest. With an extra hour of sleep (not really) everyone had recovered. The family packed up the car and headed to St. Louis for the day. We had planned on going to Grants Farm, but when we arrived at the parking lot and did not see a car for miles, we realized that that had closed for the year. So on to plan B.

We had heard several raves of the City Museum and decided to head there.   Not knowing what to expect, we were pleasantly surprised when we saw all the cool iron work and bouncy balls.  I don’t know how to describe this place, you probably just have to  experience it for yourselves.  I would suggest that if you are of a larger build too be careful when climbing in the tunnels.  Try not to get stuck.  Oh and watch out for those tree trunks.  We also too in a short goofy magic show, and made some paper snowflakes (a dog, a duck, a fairy, a dolphin.)

The weekend was over.  I just needed to finish the left over pizza and beer from Friday night.

It’s not easy taking it easy.