It’s Not About the Cold

clothespileI know the 20’s are not all that cold, but the colder it gets the more time you need getting ready.  When you are on a schedule, lets say LUNCH, you do not have time to put on 5 layers of clothes.

Not only do I have trouble putting on all the wicking, stretching, and wind proof clothes, I have trouble finding it all.  The gloves, the hat, they are needles in a haystack!

How do you solve this problem?  You run on the treadmill.

So today I hit the treadmill for a quick  run.  5 miles, nothing fancy, just a 8 minute pace at 1 percent grade.

I felt really good after the long run on Sunday and just hitting the weights on Monday.  It looks like it could be a full week of treadmill runs.  The temps are only going to get worse…

Weekly total: 5 miles