It Must be the Shoes

Do you ever have trouble deciding what shoes to wear on your run?

With the clouds clearing up and just enough to head out for a 6.5 mile run after work, I found my self in a quandary of what shoes I should wear.  I have 4 pairs of shoes sitting on the steps in the garage.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

I will list these in order of purchase…

  1. New Balance 858
  2. Nike Air Structure Triax
  3. Newton Stabiltiy Trainer
  4. Zoot Ali’i

I originally bought the New Balance to support my marathon training at the beginning of the year.  But after a few runs they brought more pain than pleasure.  So I moved on to the Nikes.  These were my first pair of 10.5s. It is funny how your foot continues to grow, or they just keep making the shoe smaller.  I think they call this “Vanity Sizing.”   The Nikes made it through countless miles and the St. Louis Marathon. 

But just before the Marathon, I was in Chicago and stopped by the Runners High & Tri, and picked up a pair of Newtons.  The guys over at the Age Groupers really helped in my decision.  They really hyped them so I wanted to give them a try. 

A week or two after the marathon, I started breaking in my Newtons.  These are odd shoes with lugs on the for foot, and they take some time getting use to.  So they were rotated in and out with my Nikes.  Until that one day with the Nikes stayed in the garage.

The Newtons were the shoe of choice.  I loved these things.  I think they actually made me run faster in my first few races of the year.  It must be the shoes!  Well, at least that is what they want you to think.

But after 4 summer months in my Newtons, they started to tear on the sides.  My foot actually felt like it was falling through the hole.

I needed another pair of shoes.  Back when I tried on the Newtons, I also tried on a pair of Zoots.  I liked them but I had to give the Newtons the first shot.

The Zoot Ali’i is the same as the M Ultra Race but with a different limited edition paint job.  These shoes are light racers and have speed laces built in.  They are made to go sockless so they are the perfect triathlon shoe!

So what am I left with?  A pair of New Balance, that I don’t really like, but are brand new.  A pair of worn out Nikes, and a pair of ripped out Newtons.  Oh and a pair of racing shoes.

Oh I forgot I was going on a run.  So what did I do???  I pulled out the New Balance.  Lets just say that after running 6.5 in these I am going to retired them.  I really need a new pair of shoes.

I love my new Zoots, so I might be tempted to try one of their stability training shoes, to compliment my racers.  The Newtons were great, and I should probably buy another pair of them, but man! they are pricey.

Oh the dilemma.