Ironman on VS – Sunday!

I don’t want to call my self a fair weather rider, but I probaby am.  With the wind chill in the 30’s I choose to stay in the house today.  I started off with a morning weight session.  Then hit the TT bike on the trainer.  I broke out the UltraConditioning 3.0 – Ultra Full Body with IronGirl dvd. 

I couldn’t talk enough about this dvd in my winter/spring post from earlier this year.  It is a great workout.  I will say that my early morning weight session did take its toll halfway through the video.  I was getting beat to the ground while doing the push ups and the over head presses.  I didn’t even attempt to do the lunges.

So what did I do durning the workout?

I think it will take some time to build myself back up to an Iron Girl. (I can’t be the only Iron Girl with a Moustache???)

Hey Don’t for get the VS tv schedule. 

2008 Versus Schedule

  • Sunday, 11/9 – 2PM – Ford Ironman Coeur D’Alene
  • Sunday, 11/16 – 2PM – Ford Ironman Lake Placid
  • Sunday, 11/23 – 2PM – Ford Ironman Louisville
  • Sunday, 11/30 – 2PM – Ford Ironman Wisconsin