Ironman for a day

In preparation for the Augusta 70.3, Longhorn 70.3 and the Ironman World Championship in Kona.  A group of guys, Dan Dungan, Travis Shroll, Steven Graves and I started the day 5:50 in the morning at Dan’s house.   Then plan was 2.5k in the pool, 3hr bike, and 10k run.

We walked to the Illini Country Club with the moon lighting our path.  Thinking the water could be a little cool, I packed the wetsuit.  But to my surprise there was steam coming off the water when we arrived.  The pool was heated and warm, almost too warm.


We didn’t just swim a straight 2.5k but had drills lined up.  Dan even printed out sheets for everyone.  500 warmup, 4×50 (15 recovery), 2×250 (20), 300 pull, 2×200 (20), 4×100 (10), 200 warmdown.

The swim started out alright, the pool was super fast.  But my lack of swimming the last couple of weeks really slowed me down towards the end.  I was glad when it was over.

After the swim we headed back to Dan’s house.  He said he would cook us breakfast before we headed out for the ride and we held him to it!

Nothing but the best from Dan,  brown eggs, real oatmeal, english muffins with crunch almond butter and coffee.  Everyone ate up and proceeded to Dan’s man cave in the basement, to get ready.


The ride called for 3 hours on the TT bikes.  This was race simulation at 70.3 and 140.6 pace.  For me that was around 20-22 mph.  Everyone else seemed to riding with power and heart rate.  I would just be a follower today.

No more than 30 minutes into the ride Travis got a flat.  And if you have ever ridden with a experience cyclist, flats are no time to lolly gag.  Dan quickly grabbed Travis’s wheel and proceeded to change the flat for him.


Looping out around the airport and Salisbury, we were able to hit the Plains blacktop, which by the way has got to be the smoothest road in the county! 3 hours later we rolled back into Dan’s driveway.

I learned a couple things on this ride to prepare me for the run. One, don’t hammer up the hills, take it easy and power down. It will save your legs. Also get plenty of electrolytes. I had my water bottles filled and used Nuun tablets. I also used Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes capsules. I am not sure if I over did it, but I felt great!

On the run, we headed to Washington Park.  We did Dan’s version of the octopus, hitting every hill we could.  Like I said I felt great, I was amazed.  Pacing and nutrition made all the difference today.  The run was cut a little short due to time constraints, but we still got 5 miles in.

This was a great training day/race simulation.  It will definitely be a positive for Dan and Steven in Augusta, Travis in Kona and Me at the Longhorn.

Next week we are planning on doing the Capitol City Century on our TT bikes and ending it with a short run at the beach house.

To quote Hannibal Smith ” I love it when a plan comes together.”

A great day and kudos to Dan Dungan for putting the day together.