Iron Girl & 10k

Well this is one pathetic workout for the beginning of May. More wind and more rain…  Will this ever end?

After a short training week, I felt like I had a little energy bottled up. I have a few short running races coming up but I am focused on the Capital City Biathlon.  I place 10th last year.  I had a 6:43 pace on the run and a 21.9 mph average on the bike.  My run pace may not change, but my bike needs to improve.  I was a whole mph under the top speed.  I am determined to do better.

So with that in mind I brought my TT bike back inside and set it up on the trainer.  I put in the UltraConditioning 3.0 – Ultra Full Body with IronGirl DVD and gave it my all. I completed the workout feeling a little woozy.  I grabbed a blue Gatorade, put on my Newtons and hit the treadmill.  I had dvr’d the latest Man vs Wild and was able to completed a 10k at an 8:34 pace.  I obviously didn’t set any speed records but, it was a great episode to watch.  Bear Grylls ate more nasty treats then I have ever seen in one show.

I am headed to the Athleticare’s Super Sprint tomorrow morning.  Not participate but to motivate.  I will be cheering and taking photos.

See you Sunday. – Dan